Posts in April 2010

4.17.2010 By kris johnsen
The young Laura Marling has been making waves over in Europe for quite some time now, she has a brand new album called I Speak Because I Can which is her second full length, Laura is making her way to SPACE Gallery on May 11th with with The Middle East and Smoke Fairies. Please take a second to view some of these incredible videos of Laura! Video of 1YXKWOTGskY Below is a video of Laura... MORE
4.17.2010 By Bryan
It's time to get bombarded with photos from some of our recent events, once again! It's been an exciting couple of months of parties, concerts, and art events, with a lot more to come. Acadia Sessions [April 1, 2010] - Dark Hollow Bottling Co., Olas and Peepshow (photos by Jon Donnell) First Friday: Shoot Your Face Off [April 2, 2010] (photos by Jon Donnell) SPOUSE with The Grownup Noise and... MORE
4.16.2010 By Bryan
Dark Dark Dark outside the WMPG studios, before their show at SPACE. Photo by Bryan Bruchman. I know it was a while ago, but this show was so good it needs its own post. On Tuesday, March 30, Dark Dark Dark played a highly anticipated show here at SPACE in support of their Bright Bright Bright EP, with opening sets by Dark Urrru and Hersey State. Photos by Jon Donnell.