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4.30.2010 By kris johnsen
Video of WJli9bjv2YI Video of Jmrpps7CsAc More videos after the jump! Video of O6h95jpWgVs
4.30.2010 By Bryan
In celebration of Food + Farm month here at SPACE, we created some special posters upcoming for rock shows using food. All posters by Kris Johnsen and Bryan Bruchman. Read on to check them out, and come out to the shows! It's an exciting month all around at SPACE, see for yourself! Beat Circus - Saturday, May 1 [buy tickets] The Blow - Thursday, May 6 (this one was sort of the inspiration for... MORE
4.26.2010 By Bryan
It's a special treat when we get to have an exhibit in the gallery that coincides so perfectly with concerts (or perhaps it was really the other way around), but for the current show, All The Fame Of Lofty Deeds, artist Jon Langford (of Mekons and Waco Brothers fame) was able to visit and perform along with with violinist Jean Cook (Beauty Pill, Ida). On the night of the opening, the duo... MORE