Posts in February 2010

2.24.2010 By Bryan
On Saturday, February 13, we had our 4th Annual Dead Of Winter show. This experiment involves taking songwriters out of their element (bands) and seeing what they do on their own or with new collaborators. This year's performers were José Ayerve (Spouse), Eric Schwan (Orchards), Randy Illian (Tin Ceilings), Jeremy Alexander (An Evening With), Aly Spaltro (Lady Lamb the Beekeeper), Jacob Augustine... MORE
2.24.2010 By Bryan
In an effort to support Partners In Health's efforts in Haiti, SPACE Gallery held a fundraising event on Friday, February 12. For this unique event, we had two of Portland's most notable acts perform classic albums: Darien Brahms did Green Valentine (with some help from friends) and Phantom Buffalo played Shishimumu. Thanks to the bands as well as Rogues Gallery and the Pine Haven Collective for... MORE
2.22.2010 By kris johnsen
You know those days when your at home with your laptop and just fall into the world of Youtube? and one video leads to the next, well that happens over here also! Here are some choice picks from SPACE past, Enjoy! Conifer Video of OV0JPYwcDFA Matt & Kim Video of YP2-hW_Xjko More videos after the jump! Regina Spektor Video of ExHUharQSME Fire On Fire Video of Mtv885LsK7Y... MORE