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11.16.2009 By Bryan
As promised, New York City's premier two-man band, The Two Man Gentlemen Band, entertained a large crowd despite quite a downpour here at SPACE on Saturday. They taught us some awfully complicated dance moves, instructed us on the fine art of singing along, and even gave a bit of a math lesson regarding prime numbers. The two gents remarked that it was by far the finest state debut they've ever... MORE
11.14.2009 By Bryan
Last night J. Tillman (who many people know as a member of the super-popular Fleet Foxes, though his own solo career was already going strong before he joined that group last year) played at SPACE Gallery (pictured above, post-show). It was a seated affair, though Tillman's set included more than a few moments of restrained onstage chaos that could have erupted into all out insanity had the... MORE
11.13.2009 By kris johnsen
Video of Pjh0kt6pD1Y Over A Cardboard Sea play SPACE Gallery with The Two Man Gentlemen Band on Saturday November 14th. Doors at 8:00 PM, Starts at 8:30 PM, $7, 18+