Posts in November 2009

11.30.2009 By Bryan
On Saturday night, The Sumner McKane Group performered their live score to the classic silent film, Nanook Of The North. Read on to see photos from the performance, taken by Dennis Stein.
11.25.2009 By Bryan
The Mumlers, photo by Bryan Bruchman It's been a very busy month at SPACE Gallery, and whether you've been around for all of our exciting events or just heard about them, this is your chance to relive them all in one great big post. Thanks so much to our volunteer photographers, Jon Donnell and Dennis Stein, who have been helping to document these concerts, readings, talks, and parties. Enjoy... MORE
11.24.2009 By Bryan
We know we throw a pretty mean Halloween party, so we can't blame you if parts of it are a little fuzzy. Now that it's been almost a whole month since the shindig and everybody's on to talking about turkeys and shopping for the holidays (oh hey, Shop-A-Doo is on December 5th!), why not take a look back and see what went down on October 31st? During the day, we had a totally wholesome and honestly... MORE