Posts in September 2009

9.30.2009 By Jon
For everyone who came out last Thursday and voted for the Manhattan Short Film Festival, the festival winner has been announced, press release follows (if you're curious, the SPACE audience winner was the UK submission "Hammerhead" by a wide margin). FRENCH FILM SKHIZEIN WINS MANHATTAN SHORT FILM FESTIVAL 2009. Reported from Manhattan Short at Collective Hardware in New York City September 29,... MORE
9.30.2009 By Jon
Jamaica has produced some of the most distinctive music of the past 50 years. A new documentary, RiseUp, looks at the current wave of musicians and performers working to make their mark on that country's musical landscape as well as some of Jamaica's musical legends. The film is screening at the Camden International Film Festival this weekend (and consider this a hearty recommendation to check... MORE
9.23.2009 By Bryan
Illustration by Kris Johnsen, poster by Bryan Bruchman New Jersey's Screaming Females are setting off on a Northeast tour today (dates posted on Brooklynvegan) that will see them once again hitting the shores of Portland (err, or streets, more likely) on Tuesday, September 29th. Similarly to a show that happened down the street at Geno's a few months back, they'll be joined by opening sets from... MORE