Posts in August 2009

8.11.2009 By Bryan
At least a few times a year, Pennsylvania's Lewis And Clarke find their way up here to Portland, Maine. It's always a cause for celebration, especially when their gentle, ghostly sounds enjoy the benefit of a capable sound system (though, trust me, it's something special to see Lou Rogai play acoustic on the floor of a small room, unamplified as well) and fill a room as large as SPACE Gallery... MORE
8.7.2009 By kris johnsen
Click here for FREE download of CASPIAN's new full length, Tertia. Caspian have been hard at work on their new full length album, Tertia, and are giving the whole thing away for free! through A new website which lets bands make their own music profiles and be able to have all of their music available for free download and still get paid through ad revenue. Sounds pretty cool... MORE
8.2.2009 By Jon
It's that time of year where SPACE rolls out a big, weird movie to satisfy your summer movie needs. Usually we're looking for something that you're not going to find at the local multiplex and has a lot of escapist fun rolled into it. This year we've got a doozy for you, Big Man Japan, a dark comedy take on the classic Japanese giant monster films of years gone by. Big Man Japan follows the... MORE