Posts in June 2009

6.25.2009 By Bryan
Just shy of a year since their last appearance at SPACE, Northampton's excellent Winterpills returned to close out a night of local celebration on Saturday, June 13. Technically, it was Bird In The Rafters' party, as the evening marked the release of their debut album, Jetlag. They had some help from Seymour and Computer At Sea, who opened the show and whose members jumped in to add some... MORE
6.24.2009 By nat
The New York Times ran an op-ed this spring about artists buying $100 houses in a depressed Detroit neighborhood. Turns out one of the artists is SPACE alum Jon Brumit, who entertained us with his impromptu residency "Vendetta Retreat" back in the Summer of 2005. Jon has written on his website about the experience and how it relates to his and his wife's artistic careers.
6.18.2009 By nat
Our friend Wendy posted on about a chance to chat live with Robert Kenner, the director of Food, Inc. She says: "It is simple to participate. At 10am PST on Friday 6/19 login to twitter and put #foodinc in the search bar and hit enter. You are now following the conversation. If you have a question, be sure to put the #foodinc tag in it. This way the question will stay on this thread... MORE