Posts in June 2009

6.30.2009 By Jon
We were honored to host the venerable Burmese monks U Pyinya Zawta, U Gawsita and U Agga Nya Na this past week with our screenings of the film Burma VJ Wednesday and Thursday. The monks were leaders of the Saffron Revolution in Burma in 2007 and now live in exile in Utica, New York where they continue their work with the All Burma Monk's Alliance. Today the New York Times featured a story and... MORE
6.29.2009 By Jon
Forbidden Lie$ is the film equivalent of a thinking-person's beach book . . . it's smart, thoroughly entertaining and once you're hooked, almost impossible to put down. The film tells the story of author Norma Khouri who's first book, Forbidden Love, about the supposed honor killing of a childhood friend in Jordan, was a runaway success that sold over 250,000 copies worldwide. But after an... MORE
6.25.2009 By Bryan
In what is starting to look like an annual tradition, the local label/collective l'animaux tryst (field) recordings' Tryst Haunt took over SPACE once again, declaring "SPACE is the place." Tempera (pictured below in a hut fashioned on the spot by our friends at the Pine Haven Collective) were celebrating the release of a new LP, while the shapeshifting Cursillistas and White Light were unveiling... MORE