Posts in May 2009

5.11.2009 By Jon
Joe and Nick, curators of the Found Footage Festival, return to SPACE this Friday, May 15th with a whole different batch of off-the-hook found videos that will melt your face with laughter. Here's a preview:
5.6.2009 By Peter
Hello Have Faith In Worthless Knowledge fans, I apologize for the interruption of our blog and the current lack of images. Our web server suffered a fatal error and we were down for about 24 hour, rats and damn rats again. Anyway, things are getting better and we should be normal tomorrow, I hope.
5.4.2009 By Bryan
The Our Accents Sure Are Pretty tour brought 6 artist from around the world together, with a show at SPACE presented by Milled Pavement marking one of the last stops for the crew. With the support of local legends Brzowski and Pentatauch (Moshe & Todd The Rocket), as well as the last minute addition of the very eccentric (and very amazing) Th' Mole, it was an intense night of electronic and... MORE