Posts in April 2009

4.28.2009 By Bryan
Last night was one of those eclectic evenings of music where you just never know what to expect. Locals Dead End Armory and Samuel James got it going admirably and held out with longer sets while we all waited for the Canadian duo The Pack A.D. to arrive, delayed by van troubles on the way from Toronto. After their thrashy blues rock set, the night came to a close with the third set of Prism Camp... MORE
4.27.2009 By Bryan
On Friday, April 24, Emilia Dahlin celebrated the release of her new album, Rattle Them Bones, along with openers Imperial Hot Club. Photos by Samuel Cousins. View the full gallery here. Read on for more photos...
4.13.2009 By Jon
Arthur Russel was ahead of his time. If you're unfamiliar with the name, the film Wild Combination will ably introduce you to one of the lost gems of late 20th Century American music. A composer and cellist, Russell was an active member of the downtown New York experimental and disco scenes thriving in the 1980's and left behind a massive body of recordings upon his untimely death to AIDS in... MORE