Posts in March 2009

3.10.2009 By Bryan
Download the MP3: Deerhoof - "Spy On You" Deerhoof are the type of band that are infinitely difficult to describe, but ultimately pure pleasure to watch or listen to. This recording from back in 2005 at SPACE Gallery (the track appeared on that year's The Runners Four) epitomizes their style of swirling, hypnotic pop that nobody else can do in quite the same way. Deerhoof are currently involved... MORE
3.9.2009 By Bryan
I'm slowly catching up to speed here, and it was this event that totally knocked me out. This was a party about 6 months in the making. A shared birthday (between me and Jess), obsessive pinata-making, a love for cupcakes, and the desire to get as many of our friends to take off their pants as possible was what fueled The Feel Good Party Of The Winter! Much much more after the jump... The show... MORE
3.6.2009 By Ian
Download the MP3: Emilia Dahlin - "6 Acre Lot (Live @ SPACE Gallery 11.06.04)" Okay, so that Andrew Bird show back in '04? Here's the other half of the equation! The always lovely Emilia Dahlin opened that night, and here's a live track from her set. Emilia needs no introduction, but if you're new to this gazillion times over award winner, here's her bio. She just spent February teaching a... MORE