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1.20.2009 By Bryan
Who knew that SPACE Gallery could turn into a gigantic circle pit? Well, apparently Matador Records' Fucked Up and their fans did. The Sunday night show was a whirlwind of dancing, singing along, sweat, and maybe even a few bruises here and there. Of course nobody in Portland could match the intensity of a bunch of noisy Canadians quite like Cougars Kill Cobras. Read on for lots of Fucked Up... MORE
1.20.2009 By Bryan
On Saturday, January 17, Larkin Grimm and Beat Circus played at SPACE. Chriss Sutherland, who performed on Larkin's new album, Parplar, with Fire On Fire, opened the show. Read on for lots more photos... Chriss Sutherland Larkin Grimm ... with Jordan Voelker of Beat Circus and John Houx Beat Circus Chriss Sutherland and Larkin Grimm
1.18.2009 By Bryan
We're on day three of a streak of incredible shows at SPACE - starting with Friday night, when Vermont's MV & EE stopped by for the first night of a three-week tour. The Red F (Tim from Phantom Buffalo) and Attar Cups (the enigmatic Visitations + Nemo and Rachel from Time-Lag Records) set the mood of the night, from plainly beautiful acoustic songs to psych-rock soundscapes, with the... MORE