Posts in 2008

11.18.2008 By Jon
Jeezum Crow! 1000 SPACE events. Whew. Do we get to make a wish now? In just over 6 years, SPACE Gallery has brought 1000 events to Portland and we're ready to celebrate them with you before we get started on SPACE 2K. It makes our collective head spin a little when we think back about it, so many incredible experiences we've had, most of them propelled by a humbling amount of community support... MORE
11.17.2008 By Bryan
The Fredrik show last Thursday was one of those rainy nights when the evening's event just lined up perfectly with the feeling outside. The show marked the SPACE debut of Brunswick's Lady Lamb The Beekeeper. They're a duo who have been making the rounds of just about every venue in Portland (if there's a place they haven't played yet, they probably have a show there in the next two months) as... MORE
11.13.2008 By Ian
Fredrik playing tonight at SPACE with Plains and Lady Lamb The Beekeeper! From Popmatters: Fredrik - Na Na Ni (The Kora) US release date: 4 November 2008, UK release date: Available as import by Jennifer Kelly Soft pop and scratchy rhythms You wouldn’t think it, but Fredrik’s Na Na Ni is one hell of a running record. What’s that? You say that this kind of cotton-candy pop is for daydreaming,... MORE