Posts in 2008

6.15.2008 By Jon
We pretty amped to be hosting the first Maine appearance of The Animation Show on Friday, June 27th.  The show was begun 4 years ago as a means of bringing the best and newest animation to audiences across the US in a package screening.  Originally co-curated by veteran animators Mike Judge (Beavis and Butt-head, King of the Hill & Office Space) and Don Hertzfeldt (Academy Award-nominated... MORE
6.15.2008 By Jon
At SPACE, we're seeing fees for artists and films climb, largely as a reflection of increasing fuel prices. We're making all the effort we can to get quality performers and titles here and to still compensate the artists properly AND to keep admission prices low for audiences. But with $4+ gallons of gasoline, those prices will inevitably creep up a little. Just know we're sensitive to this... MORE
6.12.2008 By Jon
Portland's own McNallica brought home her second straight regional Air Guitar Championship from Boston last week and heads off to the US Air Guitar Nationals in San Francisco on August 8th. Last year, she took an impressive 4th place at the Nationals in NYC. You saw her Airness first onstage at SPACE's (unsanctioned) competition following our screening of Air Guitar Nation last year. Regime... MORE