Posts in December 2008

12.18.2008 By Jon
We all need something to get us through the holiday stretch and into the New Year and you're probably thinking the same thing we are . . . "Yep, what I need right now is a good Swedish vampire movie." Well you, kind Have Faith In Worthless Knowledge reader, are so in luck. On Saturday December 27th, we'll be screening the widely acclaimed film Let The Right One In. And while the film has it's... MORE
12.15.2008 By Bryan
From the Tuesday, December 9th show at SPACE: Spinto Band Phantom Buffalo Oxford Collapse Check out the full photo gallery from this show here.
12.15.2008 By Bryan
Everybody's favorite compassionate alien, the Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne, has a live (from MARS!) Christmas video card for all of us. Come see Wayne and the rest of the Lips interpret the holiday at SPACE on Tuesday, December 23rd, at our screening of Christmas on Mars, the holiday film for the rest of us.