Posts in November 2008

11.26.2008 By Jon
Man, maybe it's because I don't have cable and really don't get to see many videos these days but I gotta say that the video for "Aluminum Baseball Bat" by Atlanta's soon-to-be-huge The Howlies is one of the best no-budget endeavors I've seen in a longish time (plus a great song that you're likely to be humming after watching): The Howlies will be bringing the party to SPACE on Thursday,... MORE
11.26.2008 By Bryan
Photos from the SPACE1000 family fun day and dance party! Check out the full gallery here (hint: there are probably photos of you dancing if you were there!) Have a great Thanksgiving weekend!
11.22.2008 By Ian
But they need your help to know where to go! Julian Koster and co. had a great time here on the Elephant 6 Holiday Surprise Tour and will be back to Maine to wrap up the upcoming caroling tour! Read on for details about how you can vote YOUR HOUSE on the list (and don't forget to make a donation...) FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 5, 2008 Julian Koster releases details and dates for his... MORE