Posts in October 2008

10.19.2008 By Jon
This has absolutely nothing to do with SPACE Gallery (but we can dream, can't we?)
10.11.2008 By Bryan
Fire On Fire closed out the opening of the Time Of Rivers Fest at SPACE last night with an incredible set, including a spooky interpretation of The Stooges' classic "The Passenger." The festival continues today with a show starting right about now, including Rafi Bookstaber, Visitations, Zaimph, and Steve Gunn. The evening schedule for tonight features Cian Nugent, Ben Reynolds, George Stavis,... MORE
10.10.2008 By Ian
FROM TINY MIX TAPES: TOUR NEWS Jeff Mangum Might Make Appearances on the E6 Holiday Surprise Tour, As If It Weren’t Already Full of Surprises! Oh, You Guys!  This is your lucky day. Maybe. Speaking to Billboard, William Cullen Hart (Circulatory System, Olivia Tremor Control) brought up the possibility of Jeff Mangum, the ever reclusive, deified artist, participating in the upcoming Elephant... MORE