Posts in July 2008

7.27.2008 By Jon
Ever wonder what the naked baby from the iconic cover of Nirvana's Nevermind has been up to lately? Read more about 17-year old Spencer Elden and what it's like to have several million people own uncensored photos of your baby junk. If you missed our screening earlier this year of A.J. Schnack's excellent documentary about Nirvana singer Kurt Cobain, About A Son, now's a good time to visit your... MORE
7.26.2008 By Jon
What initially appears to be a story of warm-hearted Western do-gooder-ism, quickly evolves into a complex, subtly-layered story in Nina Davenport's latest film, Operation Filmmaker, playing Thursday, July 31st at SPACE. At first glance the film seems fairly one-dimensional and too simple and neatly packaged a story: Western actor (Liev Schrieber), sees struggling film student (Muthana Mohmed)... MORE
7.25.2008 By Bryan
South China White Light The collaborations continued this week, as South China (who also played as part of Plains) performed a haunting set before joining White Light. White Light's set began with more of a traditional tinge before morphing into a louder, more rock-oriented jam. Next week the series concludes with Vince Nez. Photos from the Dog Day Afternoons shows are over here. Do you take... MORE