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1.30.2010 By kris johnsen
This month's posters are for Dead of Winter and Stand With Haiti. Dead of Winter is a 3 color screen print designed and printed by Kris Johnsen. Stand With Haiti was designed by Sean Wilkinson and is a 2 color screen print, also printed by Kris Johnsen. Here's some process shots of the Dean of Winter poster being created.
11.13.2009 By kris johnsen
On October 20th we had one of our all ages shows with Negative Standards, Ye, Pinko & The Action Boys & A Primative and Savage Land. Was a really awesome night, our 2nd show inside of the Swoon installation. We also made a screen printed poster for this show, Illustration done by Ahna Galatea, Printing done at Emblem Studio. 3 Color Screen print done on various types of paper, Very... MORE
11.8.2009 By kris johnsen
Nightmare Of You, Destry, Fly Upright Kite & Colors. Poster is 25in-10in. Printed on thin chipboard and a few on white poster board. 3 colors. Here is a link to the show page. Poster printing and design done by myself, Kris Johnsen @ Emblem Studio Oiling up the paper with the images printed on it. Each color is a different layer. Our exposure unit in not in a filthy basement anymore!... MORE