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5.18.2012 By spaceadmin
Low & Clear screens at SPACE this Friday and Sunday evenings in collaboration with the Camden International Film Festival  as part of their CIFF Selects series (the film was a secret screening at last year's CIFF).  It also recently won the Audience Award at this year's SXSW Film Festival.  It's a beautifully shot film that examines two friends, John Townes "JT" Van Zandt (son of the... MORE
3.4.2012 By spaceadmin
More & Co. w/ Girl Walk All Day Thanks to our pals at More & Co. for their photos from last night's Girl Walk // All Day film screening dance party. Check it out:
12.5.2011 By spaceadmin
By now you've probably caught the viral video of the year depicting Joey DeFrancesco using his marching band The What Cheer? Brigade to back up his dramatic exit from an unsavory job at a Providence, RI hotel. We got to see a preview of the video when Joey and his bandmates visited SPACE in September. Video of 9A4UGtM4hDQ In a recent article for Business Week, Liz Ryan commends Joey for... MORE