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9.4.2012 By jenny
It's safe to say that the summer flew by for all of us here at SPACE. We welcomed artists from all over including Milan, San Fransisco and Philadelphia, not to mention the hundreds of friends and tourists rolling through town from the farthest reaches of the globe (or just the U.S). We celebrated our 10th birthday and got a chance to look back at all of the amazing things we have been able to do... MORE
8.15.2012 By jenny
We had some diverse subject matter being explored with CMYK paints and RGB filters last Saturday. Here are some photos of the artists at work: Thanks to all who came out and a big thanks to Carnovsky for creating the inspiration for this workshop!
7.10.2012 By jenny
MSHR~OcularYoniAuralLinga from Brenna Murphy on Vimeo. Portland, Oregon based psych experimentalists MSHR come to our annex on the 19th. MSHR (pronounced 'mesher') is the multivalent project of Portland, Oregon artists Brenna Murphy & Birch Cooper. Exploring ecstatic confluences of nature and technology, the duo craft their own instruments - fantastical synthesizers that may resemble... MORE