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2.9.2011 By jenny
[gallery] Mike Houston and Martin Mazorra's Cannonball Press show drew crowds of hungry art lovers looking for the highest quality cheaply priced prints around and they were thankfully there to deliver. Their current show titled Burn the Lot: Splinter Heads, Nut Mobs & Ballyhoo is full of the most methodically perfect and graphically jolting work we have grown to love from these guys. Come... MORE
1.21.2011 By jenny
We are happy to see SPACE friend Shannon Rankin featured on the popular blog booooooom. Shannon works with maps, meticulously cutting and arranging the pieces to create her thoughtful collages, installations and drawings. She says she uses "the language of maps to explore the connections among geological and biological processes, patterns in nature, geometry and anatomy." You can check out her... MORE
1.21.2011 By jenny
We are super excited to welcome back Jonathan Toubin and his New York Night Train Soul Clap dance party! What a perfect way to spend a cold winter night, sweating to some soul while competing for the treasured bragging rights of having the fanciest moves in town. If you can't make it tonight, which would be a drag, at least make the effort to download and stream his wonderfully rare mix tapes.... MORE