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7.16.2013 By jenny
Popscapes with Natalie Lanese from Thalassa Raasch on Vimeo. We're thrilled to welcome Thalassa Raasch as our videographer in residence. We're expertimenting with new formats for residencies and when Thalassa came to us with her video expertise, we realized a residency would be an exciting platform for collaboration. In the next few months she'll be following around our visiting artists with... MORE
4.30.2013 By jenny
Our Associate Director, Jenny, had a chance to ask Sophia Narrett some questions about her work before her exhibit I Was Dreaming This opens in the annex.          Your background is in painting, correct? Have you always embroidered? What kind of correlation do you see between your use of the two mediums? Yes, I used to work almost entirely in oil paint... MORE
3.19.2013 By jenny
Last week when Patrick and Donna of The 7-Person Chair Pyramid High Wire Act (which was awesome!) came through, they left us with a stack of Mothers News, a free newspaper published by friends of theirs in Providence, RI. There's a lot of interesting stuff in there, and we have a few copies left, so come grab one!