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3.13.2015 By hannah
From AFRAID'S basement-studio universe, populated by everything from Ed Sanders's The Family to Marvin Gaye, comes dark layers of noise and soul. On Tuesday they complete a bill of Falls of Rauros and Father Murphy in celebration of their new record Sinister Vibes. They recently chatted with me by email, touching on writing songs, their ideal show situation... MORE
3.9.2015 By hannah
Norwegian artist Jenny Hval brings her haunting, subversive experimental pop to SPACE tonight. It's full of ideas, doesn't sound much like anything else and will easily get stuck in your head all day. She generously agreed to talk with me from the road—there was a two hour break between the first 5 minutes of our conversation and the rest of it when she lost reception... MORE
3.6.2015 By hannah
The inimitable double-bass songwriter Nat Baldwin opens up for Jenny Hval here tomorrow. We couldn't be more excited to have him back at SPACE. Our intern Hannah chatted with Nat about Dave Longstreth's jump shot, his first music video circa junior high, all the books he read while making his latest album In the Hollows, and more. Read on...   How did you start... MORE