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5.6.2015 By anne
Sisters Caitlin and Nicole Duennebier are the artist-team behind our current window installation, Battle for the Sweetlands. In this interview, they divulge the story of the Sweetlands, describe working alone and working together, and talk about tough ladies. Give us some background on yourselves as artists. What are your individual artistic practices like, and what artists and... MORE
4.23.2015 By anne
IT IS BACK!  It's survey time: the time of year where we solicit you for feedback about our organization. We want to hear it all: good things, bad things, anything shocking, disappointing, exciting or mundane... let us have it, please! Your opinion about how we're doing is incredibly important to us. A big part of SPACE's mission is connecting you to innovative arts, artists,... MORE
3.2.2015 By anne
The Reanimation Library is an independent presence library. The books in the collection are relics of the rapidly receding 20th century. Chosen primarily for the images that they contain, they have been culled from thrift stores, rummage sales, flea markets, municipal dumps, library sales, give-away piles, and used bookstores across the country. Branch libraries are temporary, site-sourced... MORE