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6.13.2012 By adam
[gallery] Tomorrow (May 14th) we will be screening the horror/science fiction/thriller Beyond the Black Rainbow.  The film has been described as a "hazy, visually immersive experience," and "the cinematic equivalent of LSD."  If that's not enough,  the was score composed by Synth hero Jeremy Schmidt (Black Mountain, Sinoia Caves)!
5.19.2012 By adam
We are more than half way through bike month, and our experimental bicycle mapping exhibition seek.alt.routes is picking up speed, but we still need your participation.  I put together a small collection of my favorite blogs, part suppliers, films, and reading materials that in deal with different parts of cycling culture to get you inspired.  After you check out the links below, go out and... MORE
4.2.2012 By adam
On April 17th, SPACE will be screening Convento, a documentary about kinetic artist Christiaan Zwanikken.  Zwanikken reanimates the skeletal remains of deceased wildlife that he collects from the nature reserve surrounding the 400 year old Portuguese monastery where he lives and works with his family.  Below are some examples of his work.[gallery] Almost all of these pieces are animated in some... MORE