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1.24.2013 By adam
Edwige Charlot says in her artist statement "...I create to reclaim the field, the village, our home..."  Creator/Creations is a three dimensional drawing based the artist's family  stories of home and homeland.  Using hand dyed fabrics, patterns and thread, Edwige interprets these feelings and ideas of home, when that home is gone forever.  Edwige connects the symbols hidden within her family... MORE
1.10.2013 By adam
Michael Kolster's itiswhatitis opens in our Annex space this Friday.  Michael creates ambrotypes, a wet plate photography process that was widely used in the mid 19th century.  Ambrotypes were much cheaper to produce than daguerrotypes (the popular photography process of the day), which enabled families from more modest backgrounds to sit for portraits.  Ambrotypes were only popular from around... MORE
12.12.2012 By adam
In the next four days we will be screening three films here at SPACE.  Tonight we will be showing the 1986 film Parting Glances, a pioneering film of gay cinema.  This is the final film in our normative narratives series.  Parting Glances will be followed with a discussion with series creator Chris Stiegler.  Then on Saturday (after the Rogues Gallery Sample Sale) there will be a screening of the... MORE