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12.18.2008 By Jon
We all need something to get us through the holiday stretch and into the New Year and you're probably thinking the same thing we are . . . "Yep, what I need right now is a good Swedish vampire movie." Well you, kind Have Faith In Worthless Knowledge reader, are so in luck. On Saturday December 27th, we'll be screening the widely acclaimed film Let The Right One In. And while the film has it's... MORE
12.1.2008 By Jon
If you've seen Bradley Beesley's documentary The Fearless Freaks, about Oklahoma psychedelic-rock weirdos, The Flaming Lips, then you'll know that they've been working on their film Christmas On Mars: A Fantastical Film Freakout Featuring The Flaming Lips for some time now. One early trailer for the film even promised "Coming Christmas 2003." Well, Christmas 2008 has rolled around and the Lips... MORE
11.26.2008 By Jon
Man, maybe it's because I don't have cable and really don't get to see many videos these days but I gotta say that the video for "Aluminum Baseball Bat" by Atlanta's soon-to-be-huge The Howlies is one of the best no-budget endeavors I've seen in a longish time (plus a great song that you're likely to be humming after watching): The Howlies will be bringing the party to SPACE on Thursday,... MORE