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5.3.2009 By Jon
Want to learn how to: - Organic Garden? - Raise Chickens? - Create a Root Cellar? - Keep Bees? - Compost with Worms? - Grow Fruit? We're getting ready to kick off our big sustainable food event Food+Farm 2009 this Thursday. There's a whole mess of great talks, film screenings and hands-on events to help you learn more about our access to safe, sustainable food. One part of Food+Farm that we're... MORE
4.13.2009 By Jon
Arthur Russel was ahead of his time. If you're unfamiliar with the name, the film Wild Combination will ably introduce you to one of the lost gems of late 20th Century American music. A composer and cellist, Russell was an active member of the downtown New York experimental and disco scenes thriving in the 1980's and left behind a massive body of recordings upon his untimely death to AIDS in... MORE
4.6.2009 By Jon
Anyone who got a chance to see last year's Food+Farm feature film, King Corn knows what a gem it is.  Entertaining, insightful and packed with information about our dependence on cheap, subsidized corn, the film is a great introduction into many of the problems that ail the U.S. food system and it was a honor to have filmmaker Ian Cheney on hand to answer questions afterwards.  Well, the folks... MORE