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6.12.2008 By Jon
Big City Press recently released what looks to be a fantastic new book of contemporary photographers, HIJACKED: VOLUME ONE, AUSTRALIA AND AMERICA  Featured in the book is Tod Seelie, a NYC photographer who will be opening his first solo show at SPACE in October.  (That's his photo of the tattooed lass on the back dustcover of the book above.)  Tod's a relentless documenter of city life and... MORE
6.11.2008 By Jon
There's a great look at Portland artists and designers, filled with SPACE Gallery alumni, in the newest Design*Sponge Regional Roundup. Update: Part Two is now online. Thanks to Joe Kievitt for the shoutout to SPACE. Update 2: Part Three is now up as is a great City Guide compiled by Karen Gelardi and Maria Vetesse.
6.10.2008 By Jon
It's an understatement to say we're honored to have The Brothers Unconnected A Tribute to the Music of Sun City Girls and Charles Gocher at SPACE on July 20th.  Surviving SCG members Alan and Richard Bishop specifically requested a date here in Portland, largely due to their past personal connection with Cerberus Shoal, (survived now by evening openers Fire On Fire) culminating in a recording... MORE