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7.26.2008 By Jon
What initially appears to be a story of warm-hearted Western do-gooder-ism, quickly evolves into a complex, subtly-layered story in Nina Davenport's latest film, Operation Filmmaker, playing Thursday, July 31st at SPACE. At first glance the film seems fairly one-dimensional and too simple and neatly packaged a story: Western actor (Liev Schrieber), sees struggling film student (Muthana Mohmed)... MORE
7.22.2008 By Jon
Bon Iver has done sold out. No, not in the Pepsi commercial sort of way (yet) but in the Friday-July-25th-live-at-SPACE-Gallery-no-more-tickets kind of way. Those with tickets, rejoice. You're in for an assuredly great return performance with openers Bowerbirds. To those procrastinators: we're sorry, and let us take this encouraging moment to point you to our BrownPaper Tickets webpage where... MORE
7.7.2008 By Jon
Easily in the Top Ten of Portland's coolest parents, Amanda Soule has built up a devoted following of creative parent-types with her blog SouleMama and her recently published book The Creative Family. She was recently asked by the Alpha Mom TV website to compile a list of "50 Things To Do In Portland, Maine With Your Kids Before They Grow Up" which includes the annual Physgig Festival of... MORE