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8.6.2008 By Ian
This is Riley. He goes by the name of GC Typhois, a one-man band based in Portland, Maine. He is attempting to break the WORLD RECORD for "Longest Continuous Solo Guitar Performance". The current record is held by James Brister of Louisiana, set on January 29th, 2006 at 50 HOURS. GC Typhois is attempting to push himself to 60 HOURS beginning Thursday, August 7th and ending Sunday, August 10th.... MORE
7.12.2008 By Ian
FROM THE PORTLAND PHOENIX blog: Whitney Art Works   Brendon Whitney, the Portland resident better known as Alias - super-talented, well regarded, and humble DJ/recording artist on the excellent San Francisco label anticon - has been blowing up in my bookmarks of late. His first official solo album in five years,Resurgam, hits the streets at the end of August, and indie blogs are aflutter with... MORE
6.5.2008 By Ian
The Impossible Shapes are playing here July 3rd and we hope they bring these rad blue flames with them. Turns out they don't mind sharing their music. Go here to download a truckload of mp3's.