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12.5.2008 By Ian
We've been keeping Saturday's guest musicians on heavy rotation here at SPACE headquarters. Hailing from oh-so-far Iceland, Kira Kira makes undeniably beautiful music much like her friends and collaborators in Múm and Sigur Ros. She's joined by a band of like-minded folks who recently blew the doors off SPACE as Parachutes. We're lucky they still like our humble little venue and want to come back... MORE
11.22.2008 By Ian
But they need your help to know where to go! Julian Koster and co. had a great time here on the Elephant 6 Holiday Surprise Tour and will be back to Maine to wrap up the upcoming caroling tour! Read on for details about how you can vote YOUR HOUSE on the list (and don't forget to make a donation...) FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 5, 2008 Julian Koster releases details and dates for his... MORE
11.13.2008 By Ian
Fredrik playing tonight at SPACE with Plains and Lady Lamb The Beekeeper! From Popmatters: Fredrik - Na Na Ni (The Kora) US release date: 4 November 2008, UK release date: Available as import by Jennifer Kelly Soft pop and scratchy rhythms You wouldn’t think it, but Fredrik’s Na Na Ni is one hell of a running record. What’s that? You say that this kind of cotton-candy pop is for daydreaming,... MORE