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2.17.2009 By Ian
Our summer intern sure has come a long way, beefing up his blog: man its so loud in here. http// Check it out: Dylan's interview w/ Mother Mother frontman Ryan Guldmond . The Vancouver-based powerpop quintet Mother Mother will be opening up for the Sam Roberts Band with Portland favorites Dominic and The Lucid at SPACE Gallery, Tuesday night (2/17) starting at 9pm. It... MORE
2.12.2009 By Ian
An old friend and soul-soaked dj, Pore, is returning to SPACE for Valentine's Day. Here's his promo spot for the night. Needless to say, bring a friend - or leave with one... Doors open at 9pm, $6, 18+ Buy tickets here. Valentine’s Day presented by SPACE and Imperial Dynasty: HEARTBREAKS & CRATES, DJ’d by local Portland crate diggers Boondocks and Pore. A night of soulful, funky love and... MORE
1.30.2009 By Ian
"Arms and Sleepers' music is about evoking stories from the subtle disintegration and regenerations of life, capturing fleeting moments when humanity reaches a crescendo but there's no one there to witness it." -Eugene Weekly (OR) Never been to Eugene, Oregon, but they sure review music with big words over there. HAVE been to Cambridge, Massachusetts, though. That's where Arms and Sleepers are... MORE