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3.15.2010 By Bryan
On Wednesday, March 10, Slow Food Portland planned their Writers Night to coincide with Maine Restaurant Week. The theme was "Apples, Mushrooms, Moonshine and the influence of food on a local economy." Food for the event was provided by Lee Farrington of Figa Restaurant. Guest writers included Greg Marley, John Bunker, Max Watman, and Ben Hewitt. Photos of the food and writers by Dennis Stein.
3.15.2010 By Bryan
Once again, Leif Sherman Curtis brought together 26 musicians to form 6 new bands over a 48 hour period. What were the results? Another epic show full of surprises, new music, and a lot of fun. Meet Clöven Dözer (Kat Hulit-fronted spookiness in all its glory), Roy G Biv (my pick for best new band of the project - a bit like Dilly Dilly if she listened to a lot of Blonde Redhead), Jefferson... MORE
3.3.2010 By Bryan
On Saturday, February 27 we had a unique Middle Eastern Night here at SPACE. The night began with an impressive performance by Alhan Middle Eastern Music Ensemble before picking things up with the high-energy music played by The Shavarsh Kef Ensemble. Both groups paid homage to the late master musician Alan Shavarsh Bardezbanian. Photos by Jon Donnell.