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7.28.2008 By Bryan
Let's just say, it's been a busy week at and around SPACE! Crank Sturgeon began the night on Thursday, July 24th by leading the crowd outside and blowing up a gigantic plastic rendition of the Statue Of Liberty. This was, of course, because he intended to honor (and "give something back to") Vialka, the French band playing on the bill. Friends and a backing band assisted in the gesture, which... MORE
7.25.2008 By Bryan
South China White Light The collaborations continued this week, as South China (who also played as part of Plains) performed a haunting set before joining White Light. White Light's set began with more of a traditional tinge before morphing into a louder, more rock-oriented jam. Next week the series concludes with Vince Nez. Photos from the Dog Day Afternoons shows are over here. Do you take... MORE
7.22.2008 By Bryan
If you're at all familiar with the music scene here in Portland, then you know Phantom Buffalo. You've probably known them since they were the Ponys, and chances are you've spent quite a bit of time with their previous record, Shishimumu. On Saturday evening, the band assembled with friends Honey Clouds and Metal Feathers (both of whom played spectacular energetic sets) at SPACE to celebrate the... MORE