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6.30.2010 By Bryan
Sometimes things work just the way they're supposed to. A band we know and love (Beat Circus) comes around and brings an opening band who we fall in love with and promptly ask to return on their own tour, and that's exactly what happened with La Strada. They'll be back here at SPACE on Wednesday, July 28th (get tickets!) Check out the video for their standout jam, "Wash On By," below. Video of... MORE
6.23.2010 By Bryan
You probably already know about Bear In Heaven re-releasing their great album Beast Rest Forth Mouth along with a remixes disc, but now over at Pitchfork you can check out The Field's remix of "Ultimate Satisfaction" from that release. Get a taste of it all live tomorrow with Bear In Heaven right here at SPACE Gallery! Advance tickets are always a good idea, especially considering that it will... MORE
5.18.2010 By Bryan
Or, goods of the moving-images-variety from some bands coming to SPACE in the next two months. Are you sure you're ready for this? Arrington de Dionyso's Malaikat Dan Singa (May 25 - buy tickets now) Video of buegZlsirEM Mieka Pauley (May 29 w/Christian Cuff - buy tickets now) Video of WWerKgdMpBw Land Of Talk (May 31 w/Marie Stella + In The Audience - buy tickets now) Video of m53--... MORE