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9.22.2008 By Bryan
SPACE regular and frequent helper Katie sent in this review of the WHY? and Alias show this weekend. Photos by Bryan Bruchman. Why? and Alias packed Space this weekend. Alias started out the night leaking infectious hip-hop beats over pretty electronica pleasing the skaters and indie kids the same. Case in point: Why? frontman Yoni Wolf's collaboration with Anticon label-mate Alias in the... MORE
9.15.2008 By Bryan
UPDATE: photos added to the SPACE Flickr account The truth is, we didn't have punch at the SPACE Homecoming Dance on Saturday. The oversized crystal bowls we were going to serve it in simply would have taken up too much room on the dancefloor. See? All the photos in the post were taken by Sam Cousins. Read on for more! The first band of the night was the fantastic Joshua Loring Quartet, more... MORE
9.8.2008 By Bryan
As expected, Darien Brahms brought an exciting show to SPACE on Saturday, filling the room with dancing fans for a festive showcase of songs from her new album, Number 4. More photos after the jump. Openers the Hot Tarts showed us once again that two can rock just as hard as a full band (a sentiment that is sure to be repeated in about a month). Check out more photos of the Hot Tarts'... MORE