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11.17.2008 By Bryan
The Fredrik show last Thursday was one of those rainy nights when the evening's event just lined up perfectly with the feeling outside. The show marked the SPACE debut of Brunswick's Lady Lamb The Beekeeper. They're a duo who have been making the rounds of just about every venue in Portland (if there's a place they haven't played yet, they probably have a show there in the next two months) as... MORE
11.13.2008 By Bryan
Hey remember that awesome Halloween party we had? All the camera flashes going off weren't for nothing! Check out the photobooth snaps and look for your own! Also, if you haven't already done so, add your photos from the party to our Flickr Pool!
10.31.2008 By Bryan
The Halloween fun started at SPACE last night, as Brooklyn's Clare And The Reasons and My Brightest Diamond set the tone with coordinated outfits of red and then black and white, respectively. Here, MBD's Shara Worden is attacked by SPACE's own killer robot (for those of you coming to our cover band extravaganza party tonight, watch out for that guy).