Valentine’s Day: A day to celebrate love or A day to loathe the romance-industrial complex?

Your call. SPACE has got you covered either way. 


Compiling the songs, sounds, and voices you’ll hear at SPACE in the Winter/Spring months of 2k15, along with a few other gems sprinkled in here and there, we present to you the following two Spotify playlists to get you through this contradiction, formally known as Valentine’s Day: 


A Playlist to Love Another To :

1. "Moonstruck" by Sinkane  02.20.2015 Layers on layers on layers of influence and style by Mr. Ahmed Galleb.

2. "Nouvelles" by Tal National  04.11.2015

3. "Sad American" by Kaki King  02.28.2015

4. "1000 Breakfasts with You" by Cookies  02.20.2015 Cookies newest album is titled “Music for Touching,” and they are playing with Sinkane on the 20th.

5. "Really Love" by D’Angelo  Editor's choice. I’ve been listing to this album non-stop for the past couple weeks. “Black Messiah” is an album worthy of getting down to.

6. "Wongharey" by Tal National  04.11.2015 This West African highlife band is so funky and energetic they get two spots on this playlist. Can’t get enough.

7. "Die Muschel" by Wolfgang Salomon  03.29.2015

8. "Acima de Tudo" by Tekilla  03.29.2015 Both Wolfgang Salomon and Tekilla are on the soundtrack for “Lola on the Pea,” a German kids movie we’re featuring as part of the Portland Children’s Film Festival. A+ for variety.

9. "Abstract" by Nels Cline and Julian Lage  04.18.2015

10. "Renée Falconetti of Orléans" by Jenny Hval  03.10.2015 Jenny Hval’s new album is titled “Innocence is Kinky.” Embrace your inner freak.

11. "Lets Get It On" by Marvin Gaye Editor's choice. What could be more sensual? Nothing.  




A Playlist to Love Yourself To (A.K.A a Playlist for Any Day or On Intentionally Forgetting V-Day) :

1. "Human Problems" by Cookies  02.20.2015 We all have them.

2. "Bed for the Scraping" by Fugazi  02.25.2015 The film “Salad Days” will feature Fugazi as well as many other underground DIY punks of the 80s.

3. "Conversation Dies" by The Video Nasties  02.13.2015

4. "Mean Love" by Sinkane  02.20.2015

5. "Só Há Um" by Tekilla  03.29.2015

6. "I Used to Love Him" by Lauryn Hill  01.26.2015 Lauryn Hill narrates the film “Concerning Violence,” and if you missed our screening of it, like I did, then we both really missed out!  

7. "Freesia/The Bond" by Nels Cline and Julian Lage  04.18.2015

8. "Police" by Father Murphy  03.17.2015 We could all benefit from a confession-session with the self proclaimed styles of “Italian Occult Psychedelica.”

9. "Spit It Back in My Mouth" by Kaki King  02.28.2015

10. "The Wanderer" by Dion and The Belmonts  Editor's choice. You can do the twist to this 2min 44sec song with anyone you want because you’re so independent!

11. "Wishing Well" by Screaming Females  04.07.2015

12. "Last Words of a Shooting Star" by Mitski  04.07.2015 This album is titled “Bury Me at Makeout Creek.” A sad but beautiful song.

13. "I Don’t Wanna Hear It" by Minor Threat  02.25.2015 The simplicity of this song means everyone can sing along.

14. "None of Your Business" by Salt-N-Pepa  Editor's choice. Because you've needed to do you since 1993. “How many rules am I to break before you understand / that your double-standards don't mean shit to me?”


After listening to these playlists, come on over to SPACE for the 4th annual “Local Love Muscle” Valentine’s day film festival featuring a wide, unthemed selection of short films by Portland’s finest. This event is hosted by Local Muscle Moving Co. and aims to show both Valentine’s lovers and skeptics a fabulous time. 


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