An Icelandic blög pöst.

Some of you might know that we have a new programming captain aboard the SPACE ship. Ahoy, Stuart Rogers, Australian wunderkinder and sandwich expert. Before Portland was graced with his presence, Stuart was managing recording artists in the city of New York, where he also created IceAirPodcast, a digital meeting place for Iceland-based music and documentary videos. (In fact, you can check it out right here.)

Along with the gracious help of Iceland Naturally, Eimskip, and Solid DG, Stuart has dreamed up an Icelandic weekend here at SPACE this March. On Friday the 14th, we’ll host a free concert with Sin Fang and Retro Stefson, two of the finest indie-pop bands to come out of our neighboring northern island country. And then on Saturday the 15th, we’ll screen Heima, a film that follows popular Icelandic musicians Sigur Ros as they return to their homeland for a series of unannounced performances. Oh, and that’s free too. They’re both free events! It’s a Nordic miracle! And what’s more: there will be hot dogs.
And not just any old hot dogs. Icelandic ones, by all means. Icelandic hot dogs (pylsur, sometimes called the National Food of Iceland) are like Maine hot dogs, but served in a colder climate and with more stuff on them. (Or, as Icelanders say, “eina með öllu.”) All sorts of magical things go on there, like crunchy onions and remoulade. Remember that time Bill Clinton ate a hot dog in Iceland? Well me neither, but I looked it up on Google Image Search. I’ll tell you one thing: that’s one former U.S. president who loves an out-of-town hot dog.


At any rate, if you know what’s good for you, you’ll snatch up a great thing when you see it and come celebrate our Icelandic friends with us next month.
Umlauts will be plentifül!

By anne
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