Lorenza's reflections on the past 8 months at SPACE

"Eight months as an intern at SPACE Gallery was a fantastic experience. One of the most rewarding and stimulating elements of the internship was having the opportunity to interpret exhibitions and works of art through writing. It was in this arena that I was able to voice my own thoughts, observations, and connections of and within the exhibition. Writing about the works (I hope) also allowed more accessibility and a more thorough bond between public and gallery space.

SPACE gave me the tools to really understand the process and planning that goes into selecting work, coordinating with the artists, designing, installing, and de-installing an exhibition. The time it takes to plan, unpack, install, and take down an exhibition might equal the time it is on display to the public. I learned quite a lot about the details of unpacking and repacking artist's work to ship and/or return to them. Not only did I gain experience in hanging works of art, but I was able to work closely with artists, such as Maya Hayuk and Xander Marro installing more large-scale and sculptural artworks.

Researching and archiving was an integral component of my internship. I became aware of a whole world of resources, grants, and funding opportunities available to the artists and organizations in the non-profit community. I also discovered that SPACE really could not continue to do what it does without its supporters. It was incredible to become familiar with the multifaceted and vast history of SPACE. I worked on the archiving of events dating back through 2002, and learned that their programming was no less rigorous then.

Perhaps one of the greatest pieces of wisdom I leave with is the knowledge that it takes a lot of hard work to organize and run a non-profit office, but there is no reason why you shouldn’t have fun doing it. I found SPACE to really value me as someone willing to dedicate my time and thoughts to their mission. I encourage anyone interested in the arts, performance, and music to apply for an internship—it wont be your typical “intern” experience."

We'll miss you Lorenza! Thanks for all of your hard work and enthusiasm!

By jenny
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