Ride Motivation

We are more than half way through bike month, and our experimental bicycle mapping exhibition seek.alt.routes is picking up speed, but we still need your participation.  I put together a small collection of my favorite blogs, part suppliers, films, and reading materials that in deal with different parts of cycling culture to get you inspired.  After you check out the links below, go out and ride.
All Hail the Black Market = putting the "cult" back in bicycle culture.
Cars-R-Coffins = Punk Rock + Bicycles = Freedom
Red Kite Prayer = a blog about the "soul of cycling"
Black Mountain Cycles = a great blog for bike mechanics/people who know there way around a bike.
parts and clothing
Velo-Orange = great place to get good parts cheap.
Outlier = ride to work and don't change your clothes.
Rapha = The most quality cycling gear (technical and casual) available in my opinion.
Rivendell = Quality parts of all kinds, specializing in long distance/touring gear.
La Course en Tete = A great documentary about the greatest cyclist of all time, Eddy Merckx
A Sunday in Hell = Documentary about the 1976 Paris-Roubaix, essential viewing for those interested in the most classic race of them all. 
Jaques Anquetil: The Man the Myth, The Legend = Another great documentary about Anquetil.
reading material:
Boneshaker: A cycling almanac = Great book/magazine on more of the culture side of bicycle culture
Boneshaker (UK) = Personal cycling stories and projects
DirtRag = Best mountain bike magazine out there.
Slaying the Badger = A must read for any tour (de france) enthusiast.  It's about the 1986 tour and the "civil war" between Bernard Hinault and Greg LeMond.
Where do you go to geek out about bikes?  Leave us a comment and tell us what we are missing.
By adam
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