Pecha Kucha (peh-chak-cha) Night @ SPACE

Tonight SPACE hosts one of our favorite events, Pecha Kucha, a.k.a peh-chak-cha. We love the format for Pecha Kucha, which brings together designers of all kind to present their work to the public in the form of 20 slides x 20 seconds.

Here's a list of tonight's presenters:

Greg Marley // Mushroom Appreciation // Greg describes himself as a mushroom forager, medicinal mushroom expert, teacher, author, husband, father, clinical social worker, creative procrastinator. Check out his site

The Classic Red Fly Agaric of Western US and Europe

David Wade // by the way...// David is a photographer who has traveled all over the U.S and throughout Japan, New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific. See some of his photography here.

Catherine Callahan & Bet LeBleu // Landscape Architecture // Callahan & LeBleu believe that good design and good ecology go hand in hand. Come listen to them talk about their landscape designs and view some of their work here.

Amy Robbins-Wilson // Healing Lullabies // Amy Robbins-Wilson makes putting your child to bed an enjoyable experience (!), and will teach you how to create your own healing lullabies. Her website can be found here.

Kara Larson // Portland Performing Arts Festival // We are excited to hear Kara talk about Portland's new summer festival presenting nationally-renowned performances in dance, music and theater. Check out the PPAF website and start getting pumped!

Sean Wilkinson // Redesigning municipal landscapes // Sean's design and branding company, Might & Main, has placed it's imprint all over Portland. Using "smart, beautiful design to help companies and organizations build a reputation, market products and connect with people." Might & Main's website is just plain cool.

Eva Goetz // 108 Angels Fly // "This inspired project by artist and energy worker Eva Goetz took flight when she realized that her work and vision could spread joy, create connections, and help organizations grow. The 108 Angel Project is here to help non-profits realize their missions through a unique fundraising initiative that taps into the healing spirit of angels." 108 angels website.

Malley Weber // Digging Maine Clay // Malley's pottery is made from clay she harvests right here in Maine! Her work is made with a devotion and consciousnesses of sourcing local materials and working within nature to produce her arts. She is "trying to be as green as possible". Malley's website and blog have more info.

Harlan Crichton // Post War America // Harlan is a photographer and a Senior at Maine College of Art. His recent work paints intimate portraits of the "post war America", and are eerily beautiful and accurate depictions of this era. Take a look here.

Photograph by Harlan Crichton

Mary Schmaling-Kerns // Eye of Henna // Mary will "guide you through hands, or feet first!"For 10 years Mary has practiced the hand drawn art of Mehndi   She has taught various workshops in schools and has traveled to festivals, fairs, and craft shows across the North East and the South Coast.

Alex Steed // Food Coma TV // Alex could be described as a Renaissance man. Producer of the increasingly popular local food gorging show Food Coma TV, Alex helps star Joe Riccio tell his story about eating in Maine restaurants to a coma-inducing extent.  Watch some Food Coma TV episodes here.

Alex Steed w/ Joe Riccio

See you tonight!

By jenny
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