Free For All- Call For Submissions

SPACE's Free For All is an unjuried group show featuring works by a wide variety of artists in a democratic curatorial experiment. This open call invites artists of all stripes to bring work to be displayed at SPACE. You could be a seasoned artist with a multy page CV or an emerging artist who has never shown to the public. We want to see your best work, your new ideas, something you're proud of. The work can be for sale or not.

Submission guidelines:

Each artist may bring one piece to SPACE during the dropoff period as follows:
Thursday, January 12, 3-7 PM
Friday, January 13, 3-7 PM
Saturday, January 14, 12-6 PM


  • 2D work dimensions (1width + 1height) not to exceed 100 inches
  • 3D work footprint dimensions not to exceed 36 inch diameter
  • One piece per artist
  • All works must be dropped off ready to hang / display
  • All work must be accompanied by a submission form
  • All work must be dropped off and picked up during stated times. No exceptions!
  • Artist is responsible for the transport of work to and from SPACE
  • Artist grants SPACE permission to use images of work to promote Free for All and SPACE.
  • SPACE will retain a commission of 40% of the retail price of each work sold.  All artwork sold will remain on display through the end of the exhibition.  SPACE will pay all proceeds due to Artist within 30 days of the end of the exhibit.
  • SPACE will provide insurance of artwork for the duration of the loan stated above.  In the event of loss or damage that cannot be restored, Artist will be reimbursed 60% of the retail price listed above.
  • By submitting work, Artist understands the spontaneous, experimental nature of Free for All and understands that SPACE will make all decisions regarding placement/hanging of work in the show.
  • SPACE is very excited by the range and volume of work expected for Free for All and plans to exhibit each and every piece of work submitted…however, we reserve the right to make final curatorial decisions.
Pickup dates:
Saturday, March 3, 12-6 PM
Tuesday, March 6, 12-7 PM
Wednesday, March 7, 12-7 PM
By jenny
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