SPACE board members are making things happen

We don't talk a lot here at SPACE about our Board of Directors, but they're a fine bunch of people who are involved in a lot of really interesting things. Here are some current news items you may not have heard about.

Christopher Cambell's award-winning house, photo by Raymond Koch

1. Andy Graham sold Portland Color to New York City firm Designtex. You can read a MaineBiz article about it here. We particularly liked hearing Andy talk about the impetus of the sale: "The reason they chose to buy Portland Color was because of the quality of our work force." Portland Color employs a number of artists that have worked with SPACE over the years. We wish them luck!

2. Winky Lewis and a small gang of artists worked with Joe Malone (also a SPACE Board member) to open a pop-up art gallery for the month of December. They're having an opening on Wednesday evening.

3. Betsy Evans Hunt is the representative of American photographer Todd Webb's estate, and she's been working with the Bowdoin College Museum of Art on a Webb exhibit called "After Atget: Todd Webb Photographs New York and Paris." There's an opening on December 9.

4. Our longest-standing Board member (and super landlord) Christopher Campbell designed a house on North Haven that was included in Dwell Magazine's list of their Top 10 Homes in America. You can read a Huffngton Post story about it here. He's up there with with some greats, including Walter Gropius and Eero Saarinen.

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