Art In Austin: Two Arms, Inc.

This week I'm in Austin, Texas for the SXSW Music Festival. In between watching bands and eating various sorts of smoked/bbq'ed meat, I'm also looking for art to share here on the SPACE blog. For music posts/photos, see HillyTown.

One of my favorite parts of this music festival each year is Flatstock, an exhibit of some of the best concert poster designers and printers. A preliminary trip is always needed to get oriented with the setup, but I'll definitely be back to dig deeper and meet more artists. Yesterday - in the 10 minutes I way there (they were closing down for the day when I arrived) - I already found something SPACE-related!

Two Arms, Inc. is a small print shop in Brooklyn, NY. Though all their work on display was impressive, I was immediately drawn to a posted with an illustration of the United States with each state as a book shelf, with a ladder leaning up against it. In small text above it read "Sketchbook Project." Yup, the one that is coming to SPACE later this month (March 30)! I hope we get some of these posters to promote it!

I'll be back today to check out more art!

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