Fresh work from Swoon

Taken from Robots Will

Swoon is one of those artists who just never stops - there really is no telling where in the country or even the world she is going to pop up on any given day. Luckily for Brooklyn she seems to be spending quite a bit of time with us lately! In May she released the first ever monograph of her work as well as being a featured artist in Urban Art Projects’ inaugural Williamsburg Waterfront Sculpture Exhibition. Always one to direct public awareness to important (and often forgotten or overlooked) issues, Swoon created a domed sculpture that is an interpretation of the adobes that she will soon be building for homeless Haitians. That’s right: after the exhibition closes, Swoon and a team of artists and other volunteers will be traveling to Haiti to construct the huts in the disaster stricken areas of country. And as if we needed more reasons to love her, she just put up a beautiful new woodcut wheat paste in Brooklyn: