Jon Langford Photo Recap [April 9&10]

Jon Langford and Jean Cook in the lobby

It's a special treat when we get to have an exhibit in the gallery that coincides so perfectly with concerts (or perhaps it was really the other way around), but for the current show, All The Fame Of Lofty Deeds, artist Jon Langford (of Mekons and Waco Brothers fame) was able to visit and perform along with with violinist Jean Cook (Beauty Pill, Ida). On the night of the opening, the duo performed a handful of songs to a crowd in the front lobby (photo above), singing the tunes that some of his pieces on the walls are based on. Our friends at Rogues Gallery were on hand to print some exclusive custom shirts featuring Jon's artwork. Check out the photos below of both the opening and the full concert the next evening, all by Dennis Stein.

By Bryan
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